The Rumpus

Review of H.S. Cross’ Wilberforce and Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk | January 2016

Interview of Michael Seidlinger, author of The Strangest | December 2015

Review of Bette Adriaanse’s Rus Like Everyone Else | December 2015

Review of Jen Grow’s My Life as a Mermaid | June 2015

Review of Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed, edited by Megan Daum | April 2015

Review of Jen Michalski’s From Here | October 2014

Review of Maud Casey’s The Man Who Walked Away | June 2014

Review of Jac Jemc’s A Different Bed Every Time | June 2014

Review of Paula Bomer’s Inside Madeleine | May 2014

Review of Don Carpenter’s Fridays at Enrico’s | May 2014

Review of Ashley Farmer’s Beside Myself | March 2014

Review of Jessica Keener’s Women in Bed | December 2013

Review of Ethel Rohan’s Goodnight Nobody | November 2013

Review of Cris Mazza’s Something Wrong With Her | October 2013

Review of Kate Milliken’s If I’d Known You Were Coming | October 2013

Review of Aimee Bender’s The Color Master | September 2013

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