LA Review of Books

Review of Courtney Zoffness’ Spilt Milk | May 2021

Interview of Dave Cullen, author of Parkland | April 2019

Interview of Deanne Stillman, author of Blood Brothers | January 2018

Interview of Elizabeth Crane, author of Turf | July 2017

Review of Yiyun Li’s Dear Friend, From My Life I Write to You in Your Life | April 2017

California, Coming Home: Review of Katherine Taylor’s Valley Fever and Diana Wagman’s Life #6 | September 2015

Fog Chaser: Review of Kyle Boelte’s The Beautiful Unseen | February 2015

Accidental Reckoning: Review of Krista Bremer’s My Accidental Jihad | July 2014

True Believers: Review of Megan Hustad’s More Than Conquerors and Sara Miles’ City of God | February 2014

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