Electric Literature

Double Take: Conversation with Ian MacAllen about Christine Angot’s Incest | December 2017

Interview of Liska Jacobs, author of Catalina | November 2017

Interview of Tod Goldberg, author of Gangster Nation | September 2017

Review of Courtney Maum’s Touch | June 2017

Review of Jessa Crispin’s Why I Am Not a Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto | February 2017

Review of Mike Scalise’s The Brand New Catastrophe | February 2017

Interview of JoAnn Chaney, author of What You Don’t Know | February 2017

Review of Stephanie Wilbur Ash’s The Annie Year | December 2016

Review of Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed | October 2016

Review of David Szalay’s All That Man Is | October 2016

Review of Ali Shaw’s The Trees | September 2016

Interview of Gina Frangello, author of Every Kind of Wanting | September 2016

Interview of Marisa Silver, author of Little Nothing | September 2016

Review of Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10 | August 2016

Review of Amie Barrodale’s You are Having a Good Time: Stories | July 2016

Review of Bruce Bauman’s Broken Sleep | July 2016

Review of Alison Amend’s Enchanted Islands | June 2016

Interview of JJ Amaworo Wilson, author of Damnificados | June 2016

Review of Shawn Vestal’s Daredevils | May 2016

Interview of Elizabeth Crane, author of The History of Great Things | April 2016

Review of Jonathan Lee’s High Dive | March 2016

Review of Amber Sparks’ The Unfinished World | January 2016

Review of Sarah Einstein’s Mot | January 2016

Review of Vladimir Sorokin’s The Blizzard | December 2015

Review of Michel Houellebecq’s Submission | December 2015

Review of Ashley Farmer’s The Farmacist | December 2015

Interview of James Sie, author of Still Life Las Vegas | October 2015

Review of Monica McClure’s Tender Data | July 2015

Review of Dasha Kelly’s Almost Crimson | June 2015

Interview of Paul Tremblay, author of A Head Full of Ghosts | June 2015

Interview of Gallagher Lawson, author of The Paper Man | May 2015

Review of Shya Scanlon’s The Guild of Saint Cooper | April 2015

Interview of Jill Alexander Essbaum, author of Hausfrau | March 2015

Review of Cate Dicharry’s The Fine Art of Fucking Up | March 2015

Review of Kate Mayfield’s The Undertaker’s Daughter | February 2015

Review of Robert Repino’s Mort(e) | February 2015

Review of Miranda July’s The First Bad Man | January 2015

Review of Mark Gluth’s No Other | December 2014

Review of Cameron Pierce’s Our Love Will Go the Way of the Salmon | December 2014

Review of Megan Daum’s The Unspeakable | December 2014

Review of Michael McGriff & J.M. Tyree’s Our Secret Life in the Movies | December 2014

Review of Justin Taylor’s Flings | October 2014

Review of Cristy Crutchfield’s How to Catch a Coyote | September 2014

Review of Edan Lepucki’s California | September 2014

Review of Kate Zambreno’s Green Girl | August 2014

Review of Bonnie ZoBell’s What Happened Here | May 2014

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