This Was Halloween

Late post. Addie has been sick since Sunday, and we’re just now coming up for air.

Untitled Before you ask: Addie was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Henry was Pizza Steve from Uncle Grandpa.
I’m not sure how many Halloweens we have left where she will want to dress up. Although, it’s different now. I remember thinking in 8th grade that it wasn’t cool to wear a costume. I think costumes have become much more of a thing. (That, and I am sure that my hyper-sensitivity meant I thought this was not cool because I didn’t think anything was cool.) Addie is already light years ahead of me.

We started the evening off the way we start all Halloweens. We drove over to my grandparents’ house to do a test Trick-or-Treat and our standard photo in front of the fireplace. UntitledUntitledAfter that, we went home. I spent my first Halloween as a mom (yes, the first one in 13 years) staying home to pass out candy. The cousins, aunts and uncles (from both sides) joined us, and they went with Eric out to trick or treat.
I’m not a Halloween person, but this was the best one I can remember in recent history. It was fun to have all the kids together, and fun that my kids and my sister’s kids are big enough to really go and go and go on Halloween.

We had a great time and life didn’t get real scary until Addie started throwing up on Sunday…