Couch Love, House Love

UntitledEric’s recliner, which was a pretty good compromise. Shout-out to Kitty’s folding table, which is holding a spot for a forthcoming new table in the kitchen.

Weird how new couches are making our space feel more like a home. But I suppose that makes sense. Now that we can use our space (our old sectional didn’t fit in the family room), we are beginning to hang out downstairs, rather than heading up to our respective rooms after dinner. We also put a small loveseat in my office, but I haven’t gotten to sit there much, because the cats are taking turns playing “No, I’m the bigger bitch” and stealing the seat from each other.

Cookie lyin’

That’s cool, I guess. It gives me something to watch while I work.

And by work, I mean wait for my computer to finish updating. It started at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, and it’s still struggling to finish.

This week has been all about bringing veggies back (into my meals) and trying to consistently get up before 5:00 AM. Insane, I know, but that’s the only way I’m going to get any work or exercise done. It has to be outside of the normal day.

Our house feels more like our home every minute, and I am insanely grateful that everything actually worked out. Yesterday when Henry and I got home from school, he sat on the swing with his book and waited for me to get the mail. As we waked up to the house together, I told him it still didn’t feel like ours from the outside, even though I’m used to the inside now. But I’ll take it, you know?

Yes to all this.